Re-Usable Cleaning Coupons

Test and validate your cleaning regime with our range of cleaning validation coupons. All the popular sizes, materials and finishes available. Supplied with Certificate of Conformity for validation purposes.

Popular cleaning coupons include 316 stainless steel, PTFE, PP, aluminium and HDPE. There are a wide range of other coupons available.

  • QUALITY – Made from a wide range of materials. Metal coupons have either Satin Finish (Ra < 1 Micron) or Bright Polish Finish (Ra < 0.2 Microns)
  • SPECIALS – if you can not see what you want please contact us as we only list the popular versions.
  • FAST DELIVERY – Over 1 million items in stock. These can be delivered almost anywhere in the world within 1 to 2 days.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide



Example: if your proposed method for swabbing involves a solvent, say methanol, how do you know if that solvent and the swabbing technique you are going to use will actually recover the residue from the surface?

In order to determine the efficiency of your swabbing method in recovering the residue, a cleaning validation coupon, matching the material of construction and the finish of the subject surface, is spiked with known amount of a solution of the residue of known concentration, dried, and swabbed with your proposed swabbing method and the swab analysed for the residue. If the recovery of the residue is within acceptable limits, then you can proceed to do the swabbing on the subject surface.



8644AL-50 Aluminium – Bright Polish 50 50
8644AL-100 Aluminium – Bright Polish 100 100
8644S4-50S 304 Stainless Steel – Satin Finish 50 50
8644S4-100S 304 Stainless Steel – Satin Finish 100 100
8644S4-50B 304 Stainless Steel – Bright Polish 50 50
8644S4-100B 304 Stainless Steel – Bright Polish 100 100
8644S6-50S 316 Stainless Steel – Satin Finish 50 50
8644S6-100S 316 Stainless Steel – Satin Finish 100 100
8644S6-50B 316 Stainless Steel – Bright Polish 50 50
8644S6-100B 316 Stainless Steel – Bright Polish 100 100
8644H-50 Cleaning Coupon HDPE 50 50
8644H-100 Cleaning Coupon HDPE 100 100
8644N-50 Cleaning Coupon Nylon 50 50
8644N-100 Cleaning Coupon Nylon 100 100
8644PP-50 Cleaning Coupon PP 50 50
8644PP-100 Cleaning Coupon PP 100 100
8644PVC-50 Cleaning Coupon PVC 50 50
8644PVC-100 Cleaning Coupon PVC 100 100
8644SIL-50 Cleaning Coupon. 50 x 50mm. Silicone 50 50
8644SIL-100 Cleaning Coupon. 100 x 100mm. Silicone 100 100
8644T-50 Cleaning Coupon PTFE 50 50
8644T-100 Cleaning Coupon PTFE 100 100
8.64E-47 Cleaning Coupon EPDM 50 50
8.64E-97 Cleaning Coupon EPDM 100 100

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